Running – THE solution

The right mix of exertion and rest, for a longer, healthier life

Probably all of us want to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle into old age, and sport and exercise are the key to this. Sport is the fountain of youth, and yet the reasons why we don’t exercise enough vary widely. And many of us, in fact, invent excuses for why we simply can’t manage to exercise regularly.

Professional, private and family obligations keep us busy. Also, we live in a world that seems a little more complicated every day, and that can leave us feeling stressed and rushed. Physical problems increase, but mental issues do, too. And yet, to successfully counter many of these problems, running is THE solution.

Because: running is simple!


Running is so simple that it helps you to switch off completely. Its steady, monotonous rhythm doesnt take much concentration. Especially outside, running gives you time for yourself, gives you fresh air, and allows you to relax.

Running is simple because it takes little time. An hour of commitment, maybe three times a week – our health should be worth that.

Running is simple because you can do it anytime, anywhere, whether you prefer to start in the morning, in the evening, or just during your lunch break.

Running is simple, because depending on your preferences, you can train alone or in a team of any size. What other sport offers that?

Running is simple, and so is the equipment you need.

Good shoes are crucial. The right shoes help you prevent injuries, avoid possible overloads, and also reduce problems you already have. With the right shoes, you will run better and more efficiently in training, and faster in competition. For beginners especially, it is highly recommended that you seek advice at your local running store. The experts there know what you need. If you always run with the wrong shoes, or even old shoes, long-term injuries can follow. It is therefore important to get a recommendation from a professional shoe consultant. Motesques AI-based technology can recommend the right running shoe based on biomechanical parameters and big data. With their Motion ID technology, they help each customer identify the best running shoe for his or her particular needs.

So running is easy, yes! However, because of our lifestyles, from childhood on we generally tend to get too little exercise, and we lose some of our innate qualities as a result. We sit too much and walk too little. This can lead to insecurity in body awareness and suboptimal patterns of movement. This also applies to running, and is where targeted strengthening exercises and analysis can help. If analysis on the treadmill, like in the MLab, and a corresponding, scientific evaluation of the data show me where my weak points are, Im ready to work on them. And not just general tips, but discovering and using targeted, individual measures to optimize my potential. 

Good analysis can help you make progress even faster, minimize the risk of injury and, last but not least, increase motivation.

Running analysis in the MLab
MLab in Cologne

As with everything in life, it is also important to find the right balance in sports, to discover the optimal mix of exertion and rest. And this mix looks a little different for everyone. Exercising three times a week is a good starting point. But exercising every day isn’t a bad thing either, as long as you’re sensible about how you get there. In any case, if you want to increase your training load, its important to do so slowly. Training volume and intensity should be increased at a rate that gives the body enough time to react without being constantly overloaded. However, a good workout every now and then, moving “out of your comfort zone,” is extremely helpful.

Regeneration is the key


In addition to the phases in which we physically challenge ourselves, rest periods are also important. Rest time does not necessarily mean inactivity, however. A relaxed endurance run, for example, can be restful if the basic form is good enough; this is known as active regeneration.

However, the most important rest, the most important break for body and mind alike, takes place during sleep. Improving the quality of sleep, therefore, is always a good idea. Not working too late and consciously scheduling a phase without computer, smartphone or TV before going to sleep helps you to get into the important deep sleep phases better.

In this sense, rest is very much like a good mattress. The percentage of the day that we spend sleeping is very high, and that alone shows how important the right mattress is. The ideal mattress ensures a good sleeping position and thus better regeneration. Personally, I once even got knee pain under control by changing my mattress, just because I could sleep in a better position. So remember: its not only the duration but also the quality that is crucial for healthy sleep. Motesque is aware of the relevance of good and healthy sleep. That is why they have developed a digital mattress recommendation engine – an online testing for mattresses. Mattresses are measured in terms of their mechanical properties, then tested using a 3D avatar of the actual user. In seconds, the system is able to recommend the perfect mattress for any individual, supporting good rest for a longer healthier life.

Jan Fitschen in the MLab
Jan's running analysis in the MLab

Motivating yourself is not equally easy for everyone


One person can jump out of bed every morning at dawn and throw themselves into their sporting activities, and the next struggles daily with their inner sloth. And it’s not always easy to tell the difference between when I need a break and when I might just be too lazy to exercise. My motivational tip for you is therefore this: put on your running shoes right away and start running. If you still feel tired after ten minutes, you can easily turn around. But 99% of the time, you will realize that today is the perfect day for a perfect run. And youll keep on running.

Watch the full interview with Jan Fitschen on Youtube:


Jan Fitschen

Jan Fitschen

Passionate runner, European champion in the 10,000 run and 28-time German champion over various long distances. Today he is a keynote speaker, motivator, podcaster, author and ambassador for running.

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