Motesque for Sports
Find the best equipment and training techniques to perform at your maximum potential.
Motesque for Healthcare
Let our technology help you to retain the ability to move freely without pain.
Motesque for Ergonomics
Benefit from superior product design tailed to how people interact with real environments.
Motesque for Science
Focus on creating your algorithms and let Motesque handle the data pipeline.

Transforming Human Motion

Motesque’s products analyze how your body moves and deliver revolutionary insights for better health and performance.

Every human differently

The ability to move freely is in integral part of our lives and every limitation affects us tremendously. Biomechanics, the science of how our body functions on a mechanical level, helps to understand what is holding us back.

Using sophisticated software and hardware, Motesque’s products analyze even your most infinitesimal movements and transforms the data into tangible and personal results – invaluable feedback for training, physical therapy or medical applications.

The Technology

Motesque’s technology measures your movement using extremely sensitive body worn sensors. A small computing device in your proximity receives all the data and immediately analyzes it using a combination of on-device algorithms and cloud computing. A tablet or a phone is all you need to control everything. Privacy sensitive data stays where it belongs – on your site.

Field tested

Deployed in retail

One-hand click system

Easy and simple


Control with any device

WiFi 802.11x

Fast and compatible

Persistent Storage

Safe and secure

High Performance

Powerful multi-core processor


24/7 In-application chat

For your business

You can rely on our interdisciplinary expertise in engineering, biomechanics and industrial design to discover the benefits of biomechanics for your customers.

Improve your products, your service or therapies

Every human moves differently. With the Motesque know-how and technology, you can tune your offerings to the uniqueness of each customer or patient.

Benefit from the ease-of use and focused result

The Motesque equipment is mobile, quick to use and easy to operate. You receive reliable, easy-to-understand evaluations that are tailored to your application and product. 

An integrated technology solution,
adapted to your needs

Motesque helps to identify the relevant movement parameters and works with you to integrate your product or field of application into the Motesque platform. 

Our motion sensing equipment can be used everywhere, whether at the point of sale, in the office or at a patient’s home. 

Take advantage of our encompassing service for a smooth system operation

Every Motesque system is part of a care-free cloud service. Product updates and continuous monitoring happen automatically in the background without any noticeable interruptions. An in-app messenger puts you in contact with our support team instantly. 

Motesque will also integrate your style guide and assist you in communicating the service to your customers and patients.

Our Customers

Aix-Marseille Université
Institut des Sciences du Mouvement
Etienne Jules Marey