[STUDY] How online companies can score with individualized product recommendations

The choice of the right products, especially those that require intensive advice, is a constant challenge for consumers shopping online. The majority are therefore open to support in the buying process in the form of services and technologies. In some areas, scientifically based product recommendations can already be a real benefit in the purchasing process.

In our study “Science, Technology, Personalization – How online companies can score with individualized product recommendations“, you get impressive insights into consumers‘ expectations regarding the online-shopping of advice-intensive products such as bicycles or mattresses.

Do people already trust such computerized shopping aids?

Product recommendations are important to consumers: roughly two out of three pay attention to general affinity recommendations, and two out of three also science-based product recommendations. There is already a high level of confidence in such computerized/automated aids. However some are more cautious when it comes to actually using digital shopping aids to obtain individual product recommendations. 

Individual advice beats protection of personal data

In the case of technology-based product recommendations, one in three consumers in all countries can imagine buying advice-intensive products online if they receive scientifically based recommendations. Consumers are even willing to provide personal data for the provision of individual recommendations. Roughly two thirds of consumers are willing to provide personal data in order to take advantage of digital shopping aids. Internet-savvy consumers are much more open in this regard.

What you will learn from this study:

This year, we commissioned IFH Köln to survey 1500+ consumers  in the United States, France and Germany on their attitudes toward technology-based product recommendations. We used the insights we gathered to create our study with:


    Study overview and management summary


    Which channel can score the most points with consumers


    For online purchasing of advice-intensive products


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Our international study surveyed  1500+ consumers‘ expectation towards the online-shopping of advice-intensive products.
Download the findings on how manufacturers and retailers can optimize their product recommendations for a more satisfied customers and less product returns!