Innovative omni-channel solutions to power the next-generation customer experience in the cloud


By using 3D avatars generated from each customer’s own photo, we increase conversion rates, reduce product returns, and improve customer satisfaction by changing the way customers buy a personalized product.


Improve the customer experience by providing science-based recommendations and becoming the customer’s trusted advisor.


Aid more rapid recovery and support well-being through individual feedback based on home-use devices.


Increase safety and reduce fatigue by tracking and analyzing physical workloads. Prevent musculoskeletal disorders​ in any working environment by monitoring employees 24/7.


With the use of our biomechanics engine and sensor technology, we improve healthcare therapies in the field of orthopedics and prosthetics.


Track, measure and improve athletic performance by offering personalized and instant feedback on the customer's interaction with gym equipment.

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"With our expertise in biomechanics, machine learning and AI, we support our partners on a unique level. We provide reliable, easy-to-use solutions that bring great economic and operational benefits to our partners while helping people maintain or recover their health."

Prof. Dr. Kai Oberländer, CEO of Motesque

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