Perfect fit and perfect size within seconds

By integrating our 3D avatar solution, manufacturers and retailers can offer their customers a sophisticated way to recommend the perfect product within seconds. With just a few points of customer data, our cloud-based system compares many products in the background and calculates the perfect fit and size of a product.


Our physics and biomechanics engine physically simulates the usage of the product and digitally recreates the real life experience in just seconds. We transform our clients’ physical product into a mathematical representation that replicates the product’s behavior under different conditions when interacting with the individual customer avatar. These 3D interactions are analyzed by our biomechanics engine to extract key parameters and assess the right product fit and performance.


The AI advisor is a machine-learning based recommendation system that finds users that share the same attributes. This approach uses a self-feeding database which is connected to the client’s platform or online shop. The data flows directly from the user into the database and provides fast, precise sizing recommendations that are easily understood by end users. The next generation of collaborative filtering: we find products that fit your 3D avatar precisely.


Our recommendation proposes the best matching product for the user based on data, AI and proven biomechanical methods, and forwards the results to the client. The user gets a perfectly matched product or a selection of different products to choose from.

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Our international study surveyed  1500+ consumers‘ expectation towards the online-shopping of advice-intensive products.
Download the findings on how manufacturers and retailers can optimize their product recommendations for a more satisfied customers and less product returns!