Spichernstraße 10
Cologne, Germany

About MLab

Transforming Motion – that’s what our Motesque Biomechanical Lab (M-Lab) in Spichernstrasse in downtown Cologne is all about: analyzing, interpreting and optimising movements. The M-Lab combines the latest technology with scientific know-how. 

Our team of experienced biomechanics and training scientists is dedicated to improving the running style of runners. With our Motesque systems we can analyse your running style more precisely and in more detail than ever before. The collected data is interpreted by our experts, then we assess the deficits in your running style and create a specific, improved training plan.

Essential components of our M-Lab are a state-of-the-art treadmill with integrated force sensors, several high-tech camera systems and our unique Motesque sensor technology.

The field of application of our M-Lab is manifold. Above all, we want athletes to train effectively and healthily. Runners can especially profit from our services. Whether the goal is an increase in performance, more efficient training or injury prophylaxis—with our state-of-the-art technology and software, we can get you there.

In our M-Lab we also test and develop our own products and make our know-how and technology available to manufacturers of sporting goods and medical technology.

Our M-Lab is constantly being expanded and upgraded so that it can be used in a multitude of other areas of application in the future.    


In the Motion Analysis Basic package, we analyse your running style using a pre- and post-test. The motion analysis in the pre-test is carried out in a rested state. With our sensor technology, we determine over 12,000 values per second to accurately measure your running style. Our high-speed cameras record the complete motion sequence.

After a short break, the second measurement (post-test) takes place. In a step test, we cause conscious fatigue without putting you in overload. This is something that few others provide. However, the motion images during fatigue provide us with the most important data in order to be able to recognize possible deficits in your running style.

We use it to simulate your running style as it would look during competition, for example. We put the measurements of the pre- and post-tests side by side and recognise possible problem complexes. You will then receive a detailed evaluation of your data and recommendations on how to improve your running style.

That’s what we will provide:

  • A detailed analysis of your running style 
  • Training recommendations to correct identified deficits or to improve your efficiency

The MLab is open now. Are you interested in a running analysis?

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