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We are passionate about improving everybody’s life with biomechanical solutions in healthcare, sports, ergonomics and research. Our state-of-the-art AI solutions capture articulated motions as well as human body shapes to transform them into personalized recommendations. By combining our interdisciplinary expertises in software engineering and biomechanics, they increase efficiency of medical applications, physiotherapy, fitness and more. Working with internationally successful and well-known brands and research partners like Ottobock and Asics, we offer a completely new way of analyzing human movement along with body posture and making findings economically viable.
CEO, Prof. Dr. Kai Oberländer


We combine biomechanics and state-of-the-art technologies like big data, AI and machine learning to create next-gen health solutions for humans in the digital age.
Motesque’s digital solutions support global players in driving their digital transformation. Already at this moment, our engineering team has expertise in embedded hardware, IoT, wireless sensor networks, augmented reality, 3D graphics, AWS infrastructure, cloud APIs, biomechanics algorithms, machine learning, AI Computer Vision, physical simulation, user interfaces and many more.



We can develop smart, feedback-controlled fitness equipment that adjusts to each customer’s performance. A piece of equipment could, for example, count repetitions in real time and provide live feedback, including form corrections. Users receive personalized recommendations, and training can be individualized even more. Our Gym Solutions deliver an enhanced customer experience, enable sales conversions through product recommendations, create increased loyalty through coaching functions, and generate better customer lifetime value results overall for brands.

E-Commerce Solutions

Product size, fit and individual use, in particular, are questions that our e-commerce recommendation solutions – based on big data, biomechanics and AI – can support. With just a few parameters and photos requested by the app, our cloud-based systems can calculate a person’s size or best fit, taking into account individual use and comparing many products in the background. In seconds, clothing, shoes, sports, gym equipment and mattresses can be tested virtually online, compared to hours and days in the “real world.” Customers can easily find the best matching, best fitting product based on data, AI and proven biomechanical methods.

In-Store Solutions

Our in-store solution “Motion ID” supports global brands in providing the best customer experience and service by helping store personnel recommend the best individual product based on science-based, data-backed analysis. Motion ID is easily used on tablet computers in conjunction with Motesque sensors and cloud infrastructure. During a running session the system analyzes the runner’s motion while wearing different shoes. By comparing the results of the gait parameters, the shoes are ranked and the best running shoe can be easily displayed and recommended to the customer.  Increased conversion in-store means that 9 out of 10 participants bought shoes after the session.

Ergonomic Solutions

Incorrect movement and excessive loads can lead to unpleasant back pain. To support musculoskeletal health in the workplace, we are able to track physical workloads. We also analyze the effects of exoskeletons that work to amplify capabilities or reduce fatigue during physically demanding work.

Medical Solutions

Our medical solutions help patients to regain their natural running or walking style after experiencing physical impairment. Analyzing a person’s movement and using biomechanics & AI in the cloud helps to shape a patient’s return to healthy movement and can lead to an improved quality of life. Our expertise in biomechanics and software development has helped to develop the Bionic Pro mobile gait analysis system, which supports O&P professionals in selecting and documenting the most appropriate individual fitting.

Personal Healthcare Solutions

We work with personal healthcare home devices, which allow customers to release tension themselves and thus eliminating pain and movement restrictions. Our system analyzes the user’s performance and gives feedback on how to optimize. Furthermore, with our sensors we are able to measure and evaluate motions to track long-term behavioral changes in locomotion characteristics to reduce fatigue injuries, reduce falling risks, and increase rehabilitation progression.


We enjoyed the participation at the ISPO – the world’s leading trade fair. We had interesting interviews and a workshop with Prof. Dr. Kai Oberländer and Dipl. Biol. Dietmar Hagen Horn in our MLab in Cologne. We discussed with our guests the topic: how to live longer and healthier – supported by science, high-tech and artificial intelligence. If you have any questions: 


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