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We provide an accurate and reliable method of measuring human motion with the Motesque IMU system OTQ 3, which offers the highest level of human inertial detection on the market. Customized, intelligent applications provide fast and easy-to-understand results within seconds. Outstanding technical features, robustness and ease of use make this a revolutionary, visually appealing device.

Its modular software architecture can control many applications and intelligently distribute analysis between a local computing device and the cloud. In addition, our custom hardware blends perfectly with the rest of the system, resulting in outstanding visuals and ease of use.

Motesque IMU system


The Motesque sensor samples at over 1000 Hz and captures even your fastest movements. All data can be recorded simultaneously and streamed at full frame rate via the powerful 802.11x Wi-Fi standard. Research-level calibration algorithms ensure your data is always accurate. Equally important is the ergonomic case design that allows you to easily attach the sensor to your body.

Base Station

The base station, a cloud-connected miniature computer that performs all calculations and can run machine learning models, is the heart of the Motesque system. Powered by a multi-core CPU/GPU, it reliably performs complex calculations. Up to nine sensors can be used simultaneously, with each sensor aligned in perfect synchronization. A range of applications is loaded onto the base station via the Motesque Cloud Service, keeping you up to date with our evolving platform. 


Our flexible framework allows us to quickly create dedicated biomechanical apps for a specific purpose. We can easily implement new analyses and customize the report depending on the customer’s needs. These are then automatically loaded onto the Motesque base station, ready for immediate use.

simple handling and precise results

Our equipment is mobile, quick to use and easy to operate. You receive reliable, easy-to-understand evaluations. By recording 1000 data points per second, we guarantee outstanding accuracy.

Flexible use wherever needed

Our motion sensing devices can be used anywhere: at point of sale, in the office, or in a patient's home.

Continuous updates and maintenance

All of our systems are part of a worry-free cloud service. Product updates and continuous monitoring happen automatically in the background. An in-app messenger instantly puts you in touch with our support team and 24/7 technical support.

integrated technology solution tailored to your needs

Our solution helps to identify relevant motion parameters and works with you to integrate your product or application area into our platform. Applications are customized to address specific problems and results are presented in a simple, structured manner with the user interface you need.

Key Features

WLAN based, synchronized sensors, data, data processing on base station (Linux based system, no end-user device needed, no data transmission required), two inertial sensors per sensor unit, usable with any mobile device without app, unique body attachments, “Onboard Recording” provides an option for taking measurements outside the lab.

Contact us via contact@motesque.com or our contact form for more information.

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