About Motesque
founded 2015, Brooklyn, NY

MOTESQUE is a young, growing technology company specializing in smart and intelligent motion analysis systems for sports, health care, ergonomics and research. Working with internationally successful and well-known brands and research partners, we offer a completely new way of analyzing human movement and making findings economically viable. With offices in Brooklyn (USA) and Cologne (Germany), we have a global reach and our systems are installed all over the world.


Motion analysis is a complex field as part of biomechanics. It is the core competence and scientific focus of two Motesque founders – Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann and Prof. Dr. Kai Oberländer. As internationally renowned experts, they set out to find a new technology solution to replace expensive established image analysis systems. These cater mainly to scientists and only very few people outside that field know how to use such a system. Further, the existing software for biomechanical data analysis is complex and difficult to operate. That limited their commercial application merely to doing consulting for companies in a few specific cases.
In summary, these systems were neither suitable for fast and automated evaluation nor for commercial or non-professional applications.

Gert-Peter and Kai asked themselves how one could make the knowledge transfer more broadly available and how it could serve new fields of applications. Two new members came on board in 2014 to help close the gap between scientific requirements and the economic needs of businesses. Tobias Fink joined as an experienced, award-winning industrial designer and mechanical engineer, and Tobias Lang as a software engineer, expert in 3D motion capture and application development.

The stated development goal was the creation of a holistic solution with smart software and hardware components that can be operated intuitively by anyone and without prior knowledge. A key technology would be MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) based motion sensors. While available on the market for quite a while, existing 3rd party products lacked user-friendliness, data accuracy and battery life. Thus Motesque soon ventured out to create their own line of sensors.

From idea to Motesque Inc.

As well-known experts, Gert-Peter and Kai were familiar with the diverse areas of biomechanical applications and connected to internationally renowned brands.
In 2015, a pilot project was launched in cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance running shoes, ASICS. In just a six-month period, Motion ID, an exclusive ASICS motion analysis system, was created and developed to marketability. Launched and initially tested in two European ASICS flagship stores, it started to replace deployed camera systems in existing locations across Europe and was installed in every new ASICS store worldwide – from Amsterdam, to Barcelona, to Cape Town and Honolulu.

Motesque Inc. soon became an established start-up in the area of sensor technology.
The core technology from Motion ID also convinced the company Ottobock, a world leader and innovation driver in prosthetics. Already relying on available MEMS sensor technology to drive their product development, they were intimately familiar with the associated problems. Ottobock realized that Motesque had solved these issues through the development, marketability and launch of Motion ID. The two companies began sharing ideas for new application fields and started cooperating on various projects.

Strategic Investor​

During its first couple of years, the company was entirely financed by the four founders. In 2018, the time had come to find a strategic investor. Motesque garnered the interest of HGN Incubator Beteiligungs GmbH and managed to procure capital to further build profitable growth.
HGN Incubator Beteiligungs GmbH is a holding company of the well-known entrepreneur Prof. Hans Georg Näder, who contributes his extensive know-how and international network to future developments and growth at Motesque.