Digital Mattress Recommendation Engine

Mattresses are a $ 14 billion market and online sales channels increased tremendously.

Now it is time to stand out from the crowd and become #1.

You know the rule: the more your customer knows about a product in advance, the less likely it is to be returned.  And we make this possible for you and your customers. We have developed the digital recommendation engine for mattresses – a consumer-centered technology that helps choose the right mattress online within seconds, providing an excellent user experience. Unlike other providers, we rely not only on voluntarily provided personal information, but combine this information with a picture of the body that shows the individual proportions of the customer.
With the data gathered, we analyze several important aspects – like curvature of the spine from the side, maximum sinking depth, torso tilt and more – in order to find the perfect mattress for your customer.

This makes our solution unique, giving you the chance to provide your customers with the ideal product for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Scientific results

In depth scientific analysis of the body on the mattress

  • curvature of the spine from the side
  • torso tilt
  • maximum pressure
  • maximum sinking depth
  • advice how to lie ergonomically right
Mattress recommendation

What are your benefits?

How does it work?

1. Personal data

To create a digital avatar, consumer provides height and weight information, and uploads two photos.

2. Recommendation

Using algorithms and machine learning we calculate a consumer's digital avatar. We make a physical simulation and place the avatar on different mattresses. Consumer gets the recommendation of the mattresses which fit his or her anatomical characteristics.

3. Purchase

Consumer gets the perfect mattress based on biomechanics and AI.

Recommendation App

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How to find the right mattress?

From the consumer perspective, classic mattress shopping is tricky. A buyer is supposed to decide within a few minutes whether the new mattress is suitable. However, a mattress’s properties change, which means you have to lie on one for a long time to understand how it responds and what it feels like when you sleep.

What happens to returned trial mattresses?

Most online mattress manufacturers offer weeks or months of guarantees during which consumers can return a mattress for a full refund. But numerous returned mattresses end up in landfill. Not only is this an ecological disaster, it is also an economic challenge.


We discovered that, in the mattress industry, mattresses are often ordered in online stores, unpacked and slept on, and then returned to the retailer after use, resulting in many mattresses that can no longer be sold. Since we at Motesque have already successfully established similar "digital to market" solutions for the running shoe market, it was clear to us that we could implement a solution for the mattress market as well.

Here, digitalization simply makes extreme sense and our contribution to progress makes the whole thing more ecological and economical.

We have developed a state-of-the-art suite of testing protocols to capture the visco-elastic properties of the various mattresses. Basically, the setup is a 2.50m X 2m portal CNC machine with a special strain gauge based test head which automatically scans each mattress with three different sized test stamp contact plates in different grid widths.

There are 3 different sized contact plates that snap onto the force sensor with a specially developed quick release. The machine then runs the specified measuring cycle autonomously. For this purpose, the force sensor is pressed into the mattress at a distance of 5-15cm with an exact depth.  Depending on the size of the mattress, we record several hundred measurement points.

We can measure any type of mattress that fits on the machine. We are currently "limited" to 1.40m in width and 2.1m in length, but this is simply due to the dimensions of the machine. The method and the algorithm are completely transferable to many applications where individual anatomical comfort would be necessary or nice to have.

The digitization of a mattress takes 8-12 hours, depending on the size. However, the machine carries out the digitization process completely automatically, and the data is immediately stored on our servers for calculations.

Technology is combined with biomechanical insight and sleep research to create a win-win situation. This makes it easier for the customer to find the ideal mattress from theoretically hundreds of mattresses in just a few seconds. What’s more, the perfect recommendation leads to higher conversions, fewer returns and reduced carbon emissions.

It is a simple, guided process. The creation of the digital avatar requires the user to enter their height and weight, as well as to take a full body photo from the front and from the side wearing reasonably tight-fitting clothing. The app then sends the data to our server-side artificial intelligence, which creates the avatar and carries out the actual virtual test lying on the pre-stored, digitized mattresses. This takes a moment and then the ideal mattress is suggested.

Absolutely! It is an incredible confidence boost for the customer's sales representative if he or she is able to propose a mattress model calculated in a high-tech way. It also ensures a superior quality standard in the consultation. Potentially, an employee with a tablet could use the app directly with the customer and immediately filter out the ideal mattress from the multitude of mattresses in the store and offer it to the customer to try out. This means that the customer does not have to lie on a large number of mattresses, which can be enormously time-optimizing in a consultation situation.

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Our international study surveyed  1500+ consumers‘ expectation towards the online-shopping of advice-intensive products.
Download the findings on how manufacturers and retailers can optimize their product recommendations for a more satisfied customers and less product returns!