In-Store Solution

Improve the customer experience by providing science-based recommendations and becoming the customer’s trusted advisor.

Our Motion ID in-store solution supports global brands by providing the best customer experience. Motion ID helps each customer identify the best running shoe for their needs. Based on biomechanical parameters and data, Motion ID can recommend the right running shoe. Motion ID is in use in ASICS flagship stores in London, NYC, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, Madrid, LA, Johannesburg, Dubai, Doha, and many other cities, with in-store conversion exceeding 90%.

Digital Mattress Recommendation

With our unique solution, we evaluate using parameters on a reliable, scientific basis.

Provide your customers with the ideal mattress for a healthy and comfortable sleep. With our mattress solution the perfect mattress can be recommended for each individual. You simply need to enter basic data like height, weight, age etc. and our AI engine will suggest the best match that suits the customer’s needs within seconds.

Mattress recommendation

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