A new way to improve the patient’s outcome by analyzing motion with MQ Pro

With our advanced sensor solution we help patients return to natural walking or even running after experiencing physical impairment. The ability to move effortlessly is important when it comes to avoiding injuries. For an efficient gait cycle, the joints need to be sufficiently mobile and the muscles need to be able to generate adequate force.

Improving healthcare therapies in the field of orthotics and prosthetics

We provide the hardware for motion capture – along with the software, tools, devices and accessories to help you build your best-in-class motion capture system. Get the best quality data from the gold standard in motion.

Working alongside Ottobock, a world leader and innovation driver in prosthetics, Motesque has developed the Bionic Pro mobile gait analysis system. The Bionic Pro system, certified as a medical product, supports O&P professionals in selecting and monitoring the most appropriate fitting for each individual, resulting in a better and more personalized outcome.


We collect accurate data on the full range of motion with our system. Our proven biomechanical model and algorithms ensure the highest quality motion analysis.


You can use it anywhere, it sets up quickly, and you don’t need to calibrate it. It offers stability and precision whenever and wherever you need it.


Patients’ information is anonymized and all processes are GDPR compliant and legally reviewed.

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