E-Commerce Solution

By using 3D avatars generated from each customer’s own photo, we increase conversion rates, reduce product returns, and improve customer satisfaction by changing the way customers buy a personalized product.

Motesque’s biomechanics and AI-based e-commerce solutions help to find the right product size and the perfect fit for each individual customer. Using our sophisticated 3D-avatar machine-learning technology, we are able to match any customer to the right product for them. The recommendation engine evaluates the data received and, with the aid of AI and proven biomechanical methodologies, proposes the best matching product for the customer.

Mattress recommendation

Digital Mattress Recommendation

No more in-store testing, fewer product returns and better scientific advice.

Provide your customers with the ideal mattress for a healthy and comfortable sleep. With our mattress solution the perfect mattress can be recommended for each individual. You simply need to enter basic data like height, weight, age etc. and our AI engine will suggest the best match that suits the customer’s needs within seconds.

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