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Three years ago, ASICS started using Motesque’s high-tech sensors and A.I. On July 10, 2017, former ASICS Europe B.V. CEO Alistair Cameron and Prof. Dr. Kai Oberländer, CEO of Motesque, put their signatures to the contract that established their long-term partnership. Since then, ASICS has been using the Motion ID system developed by Motesque in many of its flagship stores around the world. 

And today – in London, New York City, Honolulu, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, Madrid, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Casablanca and many other cities – runners can find the perfect ASICS shoe for their individual running style using state-of-the-art motion analysis.

Motion ID all around the world

“We’re proud to be part of the success of one of the world’s leading sporting goods companies,” says Prof. Kai Oberländer, CEO of Motesque. “Our sensors measure the crucial data needed to find the perfect match between a runner’s running style and their ideal running shoe. With the Motion ID project, we’ve been able to take our expertise in biomechanics and motion analysis and make it tangible for consumers.”

Prof. Kai Oberländer with former Asics EMEA CEO Alistair Cameron

Behind the development of Motion ID lies a basic idea: that the running shoe plays a crucial role for a runner, for both their health and performance. Only those who find a running shoe truly optimized to their individual style of movement will be able to enjoy their sport, stay healthy, and improve their performance for years to come.

Motesque has developed an innovative system that helps runners around the globe to find the perfect running shoe. The underlying concept of Motion ID was developed by Motesque founders Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann and Prof. Dr. Kai Oberländer, and an amazing team has made it a reality – Motesque!


By combining biomechanical expertise with measurements from state-of-the-art wearable tech, it takes only minutes to find a running shoe for each customer – a shoe optimally suited to their body and running style.

Motesque sensors in action

Motion ID is fundamentally different from other methods used in consulting. At the start of a Motion ID assessment, the in-store consultant records each customer’s key data and personal requirements. Based on this, the consultant and customer pre-select up to three running shoes that best match the customer’s specific needs and characteristics.

Then, using high-tech wearable sensors, motion analysis is carried out on each of the selected shoes and the biomechanically relevant values are precisely measured and analyzed.

In seconds, this data is then compared with the world’s largest database for running movement analysis, containing extensive data records of more than 100,000 runners. The runner gets a clear metric of their results, highlighting which running shoe best fits their personal movement behavior.

“The large volume of data measured by the system and compared to the Motesque database also means that we can make many other evaluations. Even injury susceptibilities in the particular age brackets can be clustered. We can also deliver detailed information on the sales of specific running shoe models for each store, which represents great added value for retailers,” says Kai.

Now entering its fourth year, the Motesque-ASICS partnership continues to be a real success story.

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