Motesque is hiring specialists from all around the world

At Motesque we are constantly striving to find new innovation drivers. Our search for our office in cologne is not limited to Germany, but we are seeking specialists from all over the world. With DevOps Engineer Daniel Galvao from the USA and Web Developer Andrew Yourkin from Russia, we have succeeded in bringing new expertise into our team.

Daniel Galvao (DevOps Engineer)

“I am Brazilian. In Brazil I studied at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. Afterwards I went to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Before joining Motesque, I worked for larger companies such as IBM. IBM was my first employer. Subsequently I started to work with some telecommunication companies, and my last job was with Genesys, which is a big company in the US.

Daniel Gavalo
Daniel Galvao working in his office in cologne

Working at Motesque is great because it‘s a start-up and is very dynamic. There is always something going on. The team is great and really friendly, which has made the transition from the US to Germany a lot easier. The technology and business model is completely different from all those I’ve worked with so far. It’s the first time that I am working with remote devices that are spread out with the customers. As a result, it is my first time working with IoT.

Overall I’m very pleased with Motesque. There is a lot of room for growth, it’s so exciting!”           

Andrew Yourkin (Web Developer)

“I am from Russia. I studied Cybernetics at the National Research Nuclear University. At the beginning of November I came to Germany to work for Motesque.

One reason I wanted to work for Motesque was that they have a research background. What we are doing here is based on science. Nearly all the products are in the field of biomechanics. That is quite interesting for me. It truly improves people’s lives and is not just random applications for distraction. It‘s actually something that can add a high level of standards for the clients by using the service to improve their products. So our clients can provide more health and happiness to their customers. For me, it is important to know my work has purpose, not in the sense of just revenue or generating clicks, but rather of helping people. In addition, it is interesting from the standpoint of the technology being used.

Furthermore, the team is great, and I have felt quite at home from the beginning. A lot of smart people who know what they’re doing work here. There has been a lot of support from them. Mario has been especially helpful in that regard. Everything was set up even before I physically came here, so when I arrived, I already had a lease for my apartment. I just had to go with Mario to the landlord and everything was done, straight forward, simple and to the point.

I felt pretty involved in a lot of our activities from day one. Not a lot of time has passed since I started, but I feel like I have been integrated into the team very well. I think that I can provide a lot of valuable input. For example, I recommended an application that I created, and it is already being used. On a general level, in the weeks that I have been here I have already created some things that are useful to the team, and I can see that they are already making improvements from the previous processes. I understand what the other people are doing, and we are communicating about things, and all is going well.

I am curious to see what the future holds for me at Motesque.”